How long will the order processing take?
It takes 1-4 business days to process an order after it has been placed.
Do you take wholesale orders?
Yes, absolutely! Please contact us if you're interested in carrying our candles in your store or ordering in bulk for a special occasion (wedding, baby shower, party favours, corporate gifts, etc.)
Is it typical for wax to drip from my decorative candle?
Yes, wax drip from sculptural candles is completely natural and anticipated. You can easily remove the extra wax from your tray or candle holder once the wax has cooled. Make sure to always refer to our burning instructions b
efore lighting your candles.
Is it typical for my decorative candle to have some imperfections?
Yes, because each of our sculptural candles are individually created and hand-poured there may be little imperfections and colour differences. They might also have 'frosting,' which are tiny white marks.
What exactly is "frosting" ?
Frosting is tiny white marks that can form on candles sometimes. This happens because the soy wax starts to crystallize as it cools to form its shape.
Please be aware that it has no impact on how well the candle performs.