Decorative Candles: 

Our beautiful candles are intended to be displayed.Each candle is handmade individually therefore small bumps or slight colour differences/frosting may occur. Due to being handmade, each candle will be unique, air bubbles may be present.


  • Burning a decorative candle for longer than two hours at a time is not advised.
  • Stop using  the candle when there is just 1/4" of wax left to avoid potential heat damage to the candle holder or tray you are using.
  • Do not leave burning candles unattended. Please place candle on a heat safe, non flammable dish to avoid any spilling wax

Home Decor : 

All trays are made from Jesmonite (Eco-friendly, durable, sustainable and resilient) sealed with water based sealer. Additionally, they have cork bottoms to shield your surfaces from scuffs. Air bubbles or uneven colour may be present due to them being mixed & poured by hand. Air bubbles are present around the edges and are not considered a fault but a unique feature.


  • Clean and wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Even if the trays are sealed, promptly remove any spills to avoid staining.
  • Water markings develop after prolonged contact with water. It's not microwave and dishwasher safe.